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Learning About The History Of Consulting

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Learning About The History Of Consulting

Choosing Daycare Employees: How An Employment Screening Agency Can Help

Laurine Chevalier

Did you open a new daycare center and want to make sure a trustworthy staff is hired? You must make sure that each job applicant is thoroughly screened before allowing them to work with children, and the best way to get it done is through an employment screening agency. Find out below about the types of background checks that should be done on potential daycare workers by an employment screening company.

Criminal Background - One of the first things that should be investigated on potential daycare workers is their criminal history. You don't want to unknowingly hire someone with a history of abusing children. An employment screening company will do more than just get a copy of a criminal record from a police station. The agency will find out which cities each applicant has lived in, as police and court records will be searched in those specific areas.

Driving Records - A background check of potential daycare workers driving record is also a vital part of employment screening. If you intend on the children in your daycare going on field trips, it is your responsibility to make sure that they are safely transported. An employment screening agency will find out if each job applicant has a valid driver's license. The background check will also involve finding out if the applicant's license has ever been suspended for reckless driving or too many traffic violations.

Employment History – If you want to make sure your daycare center is run in an organized and safe manner, you need employees with good on-the-job experience. An employment screening agency will verify that each applicant has actually worked at the businesses stated on their application. Applicants past employers will not only be called, but the agency will verify that the contact information actually belongs to the business in question. Sometimes applicants ask friends or family to pretend to be their past employers, but employment screening can get you the truth.

Education Background – You must make sure that each of your daycare workers has the proper education for working in a daycare if you want to make a good impression on parents. Applicants will be screened to verify which schools they have attended, as well as if they actually received a diploma or certificate.

Building a good reputation for your new daycare center begins with hiring the right employees. Contact an employment screening agency as soon as possible!