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Learning About The History Of Consulting

Hello, my name is Carmen Skeins. Welcome to my website about the history of consulting. Throughout the centuries, individuals sought out the advice and support from mentors in their field. These mentors helped shape the experience of the individuals under their wings. The associated industries thrived due to the knowledge passed down through the ranks. I will use this site to talk about all of the ways consultants shaped the world. I will walk through the world’s history to explore this topic in great detail. I hope you will come by often to learn more about this exciting topic. Thanks for visiting.


Learning About The History Of Consulting

Protecting Your Business With Online Security: What To Know

Laurine Chevalier

If you are worried about the online security and privacy of your business, and how your staff uses the internet, it's time to make sure you are taking all the necessary precautions. You can prep the staff and your computers to make sure that people aren't trying to hack in your system, and to make sure that everyone's identity is safe. Here are a few things you'll want to consider for your network and business.

Security Training Courses

You can have the staff take security training courses online that teach them how to beware of phishing scams and suspicious websites. This can help your staff detect hackers trying to get into your system while they are surfing and researching, and it will help them notice suspicious activity on their computers and in their email.

Identity Theft Protection Program

Find out if your current banking company that does payroll offers an identity theft protection program for all of the staff. This way, someone can't hack employee personal information. See if you can get this protection on all your business accounts, to protect the identity of businesses and all of your customers or clients. If your account or client account information gets out, you could be liable for the damages.

Network Security Software

You don't just need an anti-virus and malware security software program for each individual computer, but also a program that protects the server. You want to have the software installed by an IT professional to make sure that it's installed properly, and you'll want to talk with your server provider to see what other things they do to protect your network. They should have their own system on top of yours that looks for suspicious activity on the server, from within in your office and from outside sources.

There are lot of different firewalls and blocks you can put on your server so the staff aren't tempted to go to sites where they could pick up a virus or the interest of a hacker. Talk with your network administrator to see what options you have, and make sure your staff know that they when they do something risky online from their office computer, it's going to put the entire company at risk. There are many online precautions you can take to make the online security at your company a top priority, and the money you invest will pay off. Contact a company like CFISA or a similar location for more information.