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Learning About The History Of Consulting

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Learning About The History Of Consulting

Tips To Make Complying With Oil And Gas Company Operating Procedures Easier

Laurine Chevalier

If you are a manger of an oil and gas company, you are going to be subjected to rigorous compliance requirements in order to make sure that your workers stay safe. This can be frustrating because it can seem like there are more compliance rules than you can count. Here are some tips to make the process of ensuring that you are in compliance with operating procedures go more smoothly.

1. Have the Operators Write the Guidelines

The compliance requirements themselves are going to be long and possibly difficult to read. In order to ensure that everyone that you are working with takes the time to read the necessary procedures for staying within compliance, you are going to need to make the requirements easy to read and easy to understand. As a result, getting the people who are actually going to be utilizing the guide to write the guide is going to be your biggest benefit.

If your current operators take the time to translate the guide into clear, easy-to-understand images and instructions for staying within compliance guidelines, you can ensure that all operators will be willing to use the instruction manual and find it more useful. This will likely allow you to make sure that your operators have no excuses for avoiding following the compliance guidelines and that they are all adequately equipped to do so.

2. Link Accountability and Compliance

Give everyone at your company that is in charge of the operating procedures the handbook that was written by the operators. Take two or three days for training and ensure that everyone is able to adequately perform the procedures that are laid out in the guidelines. Have each employee that needs to go through the procedures verify with a higher up or a peer that he or she is able to do everything with a high level of competence. Keep track of this compliance and have it tracked in a spreadsheet. Every time something is added to the operating procedures for compliance, make sure that you check that everyone has proven that they are able to perform the procedures adequately.

3. Do Full Updates Once a Year

Finally, at least once a year, make sure that you and your current operators go through all of the operating procedures and the current compliance guidelines to make sure that the instructions manual is up to date with the latest requirements. This is incredibly important because it will allow you to make sure that everyone is in compliance at all times and that your oil and gas environment remains safe.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in oil and gas compliance, such as A. G. Wassenaar, Inc.