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Learning About The History Of Consulting

Hello, my name is Carmen Skeins. Welcome to my website about the history of consulting. Throughout the centuries, individuals sought out the advice and support from mentors in their field. These mentors helped shape the experience of the individuals under their wings. The associated industries thrived due to the knowledge passed down through the ranks. I will use this site to talk about all of the ways consultants shaped the world. I will walk through the world’s history to explore this topic in great detail. I hope you will come by often to learn more about this exciting topic. Thanks for visiting.


Learning About The History Of Consulting

Could Executive Coaching Be The Answer To Your Company's Lagging Productivity And Morale?

Laurine Chevalier

Owning a business you've built from the ground up can present nearly as many challenges (and rewards) as having a child—and, like parenthood, can seem like a never-ending job. When you notice that your company's productivity seems to be lagging compared to years past, or if you've received reports that morale around the office isn't great, you may wonder what you can do to motivate and encourage your employees without spending money your business may not have. Often, an executive coaching consultant may have what it takes to reframe your employees' goals and motivations; and an executive coach can inform you which employees may be a better fit elsewhere. Read on to learn more about executive coaches and how such a consultant may be able to improve operations (and morale) at your business.

What does an executive coach do? 

An executive coach's title is somewhat self-explanatory—these consultants work one-on-one with a few key, high-level personnel to help them get the most from those they manage. Executive coaches can also work with members of your organization to modulate their interactions with coworkers and the public. Many businesses rely on a brilliant-but-brusque employee to get the complex work done, but can find that this person's communication with his or her peers, collaborators at other businesses, or customers is actively harming your business's reputation. An executive coach can help these key employees learn to communicate in a way that gets their point across without being condescending or curt. 

How can you decide whether hiring an executive coaching consultant would be a good move for your business?

If you're at a crossroads with a certain key employee and just can't see eye to eye, or if you've isolated your decreased production to one or two individuals who have the capacity to change, an executive coach may be able to make a tremendous difference in the operation of your workplace. Simply changing the way your employees communicate with each other can go a long way toward improving morale, and a happier workplace is often a more productive workplace.

On the other hand, in some cases, guiding or rehabilitating certain employees can be an exercise in futility—and rather than investing in an executive coach, you may be better off simply finding a new employee who would be a better fit. It's really a judgment call as to whether your "problem" employees can be rehabilitated (and are willing to work on their business approaches) or whether starting fresh is the best choice.